Love and Praise From My Clients

“I met Daniela and her work in 2004 at a moment in my life when I needed help and support in order to be able to work out issues that were causing me great disturbance and upset. Daniela’s openness, gentleness and the profound ability she has to truly listen to you really allowed me to open up and trust her with the work we were about to embark on. The way she worked and the modalities we worked with really allowed our journey together to come together in a seamless way right from the start. As we worked, I had the ability to explore inner parts of myself that I hadn’t known before, and I was able to find new internal resources that helped me resolve many of the inner difficulties I was facing. The major change came when I encountered my Inner Child and the awareness of how I had neglected myself for so long. It took a while for me to recalibrate and re-balance all the inner parts of myself because I had to really look at the pain of my past and face the consequences of what was now happening in my present experience. Time helped along with the many tools I now had which helped me to slowly untie the knots so that I could fully come into who I was and create the happiness I deeply knew I deserved. Even now, from that moment when I began this work with Daniela, I still find myself using the things she taught me back then so that now I can face and handle with so much more courage and energy the difficult events that we can sometimes encounter in life. I will always be grateful that life brought me to meeting Daniela and the work that we were able to do together that has proved so incredibly precious and important for me.” 

- Rosa Maria Abate

“I met Daniela which seemed like an incredible blessing, thanks to a series of events that literally took me to her door. Before I met her, I had tried to resolve my issues that had me stuck for years. I tried everything from medication to psychoanalysis, but I didn’t get very far. From the very first moment of meeting Daniela I knew I was in the right place because it was as if I had found someone who gave herself so completely to her work and with such a great amount of passion. Every time I left my sessions, I would feel as if I had literally been reborn.

I had gained a depth of awareness that I never knew possible, and I learned about who I was and all the possibilities that lay before me. I am grateful that I was able to trust the journey and that I was able to resolve the knots and struggles that were keeping me stuck in a suffocating state of fear. I have finally been able to regain control over my self-esteem and my happiness.”

- Chiara Parodi, Uscio (Genova)

“In a very dark moment of my life, I reached out for help and found this transformational work with Daniela. I was able to look deep inside myself, ease the anxiety and fear that I was feeling and find that serenity and peace that eventually helped me to retrieve my psycho-spiritual well-being.”

- Gianni G.

“To describe the experience I had isn’t easy. I’ll start by saying that I lit my first cigarette at the age of 15 and smoked two packs a day till the age of 39. All this happened up until 5:00 pm on the 14th of December when I finally put out my last cigarette. It took three sessions with Daniela and my addiction to tobacco was gone. This is the easy part to explain and probably the most important because freeing oneself from being a slave to something is without a doubt, priceless. The work I did with Daniela is harder to describe in words, but I believe it’s important to say that whoever reads this testimonial needs to know that this work is stupefying, interesting and painless: it is a magnificent journey that one takes deep within oneself and deserves to be taken alongside someone who really knows what they are doing and knows exactly what to look for.”

- Francesco G.

“The inner journey I had with Daniela brought me to have such an intense experience with life that some time ago I would never have dreamed of having. Being able to connect inwardly with oneself fills one with such deep emotion that I now believe everyone deserves to feel this. When I think of how I was then, when I was in the grips of fear and believed that nothing would ever change for me, I smile now to myself: I see that part of me and know that I am still the same person, but I know now that I can tune into myself and ‘listen’, understand what I need and simply do it.”

- Emanuele M.

“Over the last few years, I have had some very problematic issues with my family. I have needed sessions with neuro-psychiatrists and psychologists, and I have gone from one doctor to the next because I wasn’t finding what I needed. Shortly after, I found Daniela and from the very first session I sensed a very strange sense of peace I hadn’t known before. I was struck by her way of working and I found myself walking into my sessions with enthusiasm because I had the space to let go from my inner being the fear and the anxiety I was experiencing….I never walked into a session worried about what I needed to say or how to respond because suddenly my mind worked in unison with hers. Thank you Daniela!”

- Massimo C.

“During a very difficult emotional time in my life I began working with Daniela via Skype. I was pretty surprised even with the distance between us that I was able to feel such a strong connection to her and this really allowed me to feel understood which has never been easy for me! As I continued with my sessions I finally found my Inner Child and was able to open to my own awareness and everything that was happening within me and within my present experience. Heartfelt thanks Daniela!”

- Isabella F

“When I began this work with Daniela, I was in a state where fear ruled my life. I didn’t know how to feel my feelings nor could I feel my emotions, the only thing I could feel was this pervading sense of anguish and constant abdominal pain that at some point I stopped noticing as I was so shut down. I believed that this was who I was, and I thought that it was part of my personality and basically part of my family’s history. But most of all, I believed feeling the way I did was just how it was going to be for me.

I was pretty skeptical when I met Daniela and didn’t believe this work would work for me. I believed I was ‘broken.’ In reality though, and what I later found out was that I didn’t know who I was and I had no idea how to take care of myself.

Now, today, I am able to be present to myself and notice my feelings, and I have learned to hold them even when they feel negative or are difficult to embrace. I now know what is happening inside of me, and I am much more able to hold and accept my fears, my pain and the doubt that sometimes surfaces.

This inner work has without a doubt been one of the most incredible emotional experiences that I have ever had. My whole relationship with myself has changed in a way that I can’t even begin to describe but it happened without having to tear myself to pieces, it all happened so naturally and harmoniously.

I have learned how to take care of myself, and while doing this, I also learned how to be of true help to others. And because of the way my journey has unfolded, I have sent the people that I most care about to work with Daniela. I literally surrendered myself to this work in a most profound way, and I feel greatly privileged to have been able to work with Daniela on this journey. When I look back from where I began, I feel incredibly proud of myself. And I am ever more convinced that everyone deserves to have the chance to be able to heal the part of us that has been wounded, to embrace it and to love it into its completeness.”

- Dr. Cristina Spaldacini

“Even before beginning working with Daniela, I was really skeptical about hypnosis in general, and I had never met anyone who had experienced hypnosis. I basically tried everything under the sun including sedatives to help me with my phobia around going to the dentist and then finally decided it was time to try hypnosis. From one point of view, I’m not even sure what happened, but all I can say is that I never thought I would be able to let go and go into the deeper part of myself. I have always pretty much considered myself as someone who is extremely logical and rational. But I did, I let go. For years I had a problem with a tooth that I was afraid of having extracted and during the hypnosis session I had remembered a very specific moment when I was six years old where I was being treated by a dentist who incredibly rude and even mean. I actually saw the scene where he had given me the anesthesia, but I was in incredible pain. I think that was in itself the trauma. I hadn’t even remembered all those details before the session. I would say that the session I had was illuminating for me because I left my fear behind. Now I can go to the dentist, and it’s no big deal. I feel peaceful inside and funny enough, my dentist today has even told me that I’m actually a very good patient! I highly recommend this deep work for anyone who is experiencing difficulties, and I can tell you from experience that being overly rational isn’t very helpful in these sorts of situations. Going deep into our subconscious allows us to retrieve information that is important for us that we wouldn’t usually know we have access to or that we probably wouldn’t admit that we needed. Daniela has a rare gift in that she will help you find that ease within and the trust that you need to move forward with the work that needs to be done.”

- Dr. Maria Trapasso, Head & Neck Surgeon, Genova

“Prior to working with Daniela, over the course of 6 years, I worked with a licensed social therapist, met with three different psychologists and saw four psychiatrists for medicine to treat my symptoms. Despite the years of work and changes in medicinal approaches, I was still encountering difficulty. Naturally, I was skeptical that anything else could work. When I heard that Daniela uses hypnotism as a tool in her therapy sessions, I was a bit skeptical that I (a) could be hypnotized, (b) that I wanted to be hypnotized and (c) whether it would prove to be an effective part of our sessions.

After working with Daniela for approximately six months, I have gained a sense of ownership, responsibility, and control of my life and my relationships, including those related to my own self-esteem. During our work together, I have become aware of subconscious thoughts and experiences that have influenced me throughout life. Once these things are uncovered and analyzed, I find that they no longer have strong power over my behaviour. Becoming aware of them has helped me to actually really understand myself better and make the changes that I want to make in my life.

I have received other benefits. I feel more energy and presence during my daily interactions. I am more in tune to my inner self and trust my initial feelings or sentiments more than before. I am more aware of my relationships with time, food, and money. The result is improved management of those resources. I am also more aware of my priorities and am more organized.

I would definitely recommend this program to others because it is the most effective counseling/therapy that I have done over the course of six years that included: work with a licensed social therapist, three different psychologists and four psychiatrists for medicine to treat my symptoms. In addition, working with Daniela is refreshing as she is so caring and attentive but at the same time honest and open with her communication. I also feel that I can trust Daniela 100% and that she is truly dedicated and available. Should a crisis occur, and I need additional time with her beyond the weekly session, I know she will make it available.”

- Catherine Moore

I was skeptical of many things, at the onset of my treatment. A string of poor results with other therapies, an ill-founded bias against slightly American accents and a dislike of driving into London all combined to give an uphill ride in starting off.

The initial results of releasing long-term traumatic injury are unexpected and easily translated into fear. It is, perhaps, easier to continue with the suppression of past anxiety and to maintain the status quo. I am forever glad that I continued the therapies.

The personal gains were exceptional; some most unexpected. I was able to progress to a true love of living; I lost fear in every aspect of my life. Release from terminal alcohol addiction, greatly enlarged self-knowledge, increased empathy, removal of a morbid terror of death, heightened awareness of my own weaknesses and strengths. A fresh approach to life and a second chance to enjoy it. An appreciation of the many-sided shapes of human emotion and intellect. A deep respect for those who choose healing as a path through life.

All of these came through the work with Ms. Mannucci and, in summary; I found acceptance instead of struggle.

It is impossible for me not to recommend Daniela Mannucci to anyone who feels pain, emptiness or lack of direction in their lives. Keep an open mind and accept only that you will be in the hands of a dedicated and gifted healer. My life was unimaginably, wonderfully transformed by Daniela Mannucci, I hope that many more people will allow themselves this gain.

Ten years ago, I made a continuous investigation and appraisal of the therapies that were being used for my benefit. Perhaps I retained some skepticism, but I also wished to understand the changes that I started to feel. I can state, without hesitation, that Daniela works with the knowledge from a large group of harmonic therapies, adapting her tools to the most competent and caring treatment of each client. Above any other recommendation is this; trust. You can give it openly, and you will receive far more in return. Ten years on, I am still ever thankful.

- Andrew Mason