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The six petals and their Core Components make up a very specific area of your life and your relationship to that area. Our aim and focus in this sacred work is to help you find the freedom and ease so you can live this aspect of life the way your Spirit was designed to.

My fee is based on a month by month commitment of your very specific needs where there is No Time Limit to when you need to finish and where you can have the freedom to go as deep as you need to with me and expand as much as you are ready to. The packages can also run anywhere from a few months to a year.

*Note: My fees are NOT based on the assignment or the time it takes to work through each Petal, but strictly on the value and the results I expect to attain with you.

Three programs you can choose from depending on where you are in your life process.



This program dedicated to doing very deep work specifically on the identities and false beliefs that you took on about yourself as a result of the spiritual abuse you suffered through whatever ways you were abandoned, mistreated, hurt, neglected and abused as a child. These identities, which have become mistaken identities are most probably holding you back and tripping you up within your current life circumstances and your ability to thrive as you deeply desire to.

This program is specifically suited for people who are still struggling with the pervasive feeling that things will never change for them and who are still blaming and waging war against themselves internally in an attempt to control the pain of feeling ashamed, unworthy, undeserving, unlovable and of never being enough.

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This program will focus more on discovering your True Core Identity as a spiritual being – the part of you that is truly ready to unveil your core nature as you were designed by Source. We will spend time on re-visiting your Core Wound and the underlying gifts it carries within your consciousness that is waiting to be discovered.

This program is specifically suited for those who have done enough work on the false and limiting beliefs about themselves and who are now ready to come into the understanding that their Core Wound carries a profound message for them no matter what they have been through.

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The Flower of Life Programme is a program dedicated to 6 major life areas and our Relationship to them. This work is about helping you move into a deeper more loving and conscious affinity with that Petal/life aspect you need support with.

This program is for those who are willing to learn and open to deeper self-love and union with Source so they can engage with that Petal/life aspect with more compassion, ease, and success.

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Not sure what you might be needing at this point? Unclear which program is right for you? Please complete my Pre-program Questionnaire for a free Discovery Session with me so that we will be able to create the clarity you need for where you are right now within yourself and where you would truly like to be. We will also be able to see if emotionally we can connect at a deeper level in order for us to create the transformation you are longing for.