Program Two

Re-awakening Your Wholeness
Weekly Phone or Skype Sessions

This six-week Introductory (renewable) package is an introductory starter program dedicated in helping you Re-Awaken Your Wholeness so you may more easily reconnect with your Sacred Sovereign Self, your True Self/your Godself that has been hidden underneath the Mistaken Self-Identities.

These six weeks are about you being able to connect in with Source and about who you are within your Godself so that you may learn to tune in and function from this very extraordinary place. As you learn how to re-awaken to your trueness, your Godself, you will be able to choose more freely and with more ease where your dreams, your goals and your aspirations truly lie.

The aim here is to help you acknowledge, accept and own your Core Wound as something sacred that is waiting to reveal to you all the underlying strengths, desires and capabilities you have at a core level. This is also the place where you create internal harmony amongst the many Inner Selves and your Inner Child so that you are no longer at war within but, at deep peace and ready to move on.

In order to re-awaken your wholeness, you first need to Honour Your Sacred Sovereign Self

  • Seeing your true strengths so you can lean into them and use them to bring out the best of who you truly are
  • Rekindling your dreams, goals and aspirations
  • Acknowledging that you have big goals for yourself but the weight of certain aspects of your past keeps you struggling for your freedom and therefore disconnected from your inspiration
  • Becoming familiar with how to connect with and embody the higher aspects of yourself as you move out of past identities

The Transformational Approach I Use

My approach is multifaceted and it involves working with a process I have called Transformational Hypnosis.

I also incorporate a number of methodologies that help you learn from the many aspects of your Ego Self along with how to listen to and connect with the deeper needs of your Inner Child. This work also includes a good amount of deep belief restructuring.

The deep and lasting change that you are looking for comes when we work at the subconscious level where your beliefs, thought patterns, behaviours – your core frequencies are.

It is here that we find the deeper patterns of how you relate to yourself. We also explore the unloving limiting mind-sets and beliefs of your family dynamics and how they may still be affecting you today.

The Core Components of this Six Week Introductory Package for Re-Awakening Your Wholeness also includes: six weekly 90 minute in-person, Skype or phone sessions and email support between sessions in order to give you the compassionate support you may need through this process.

The cost of this package is: 1500 Euros

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I was pretty skeptical when I met Daniela and didn’t believe this work would work for me. I believed I was ‘broken.’ In reality though, and what I later found out was that I didn’t know who I was and I had no idea how to take care of myself.

Now, today, I am able to be present to myself and notice my feelings, and I have learned to hold them even when they feel negative or are difficult to embrace. I now know what is happening inside of me, and I am much more able to hold and accept my fears, my pain and the doubt that sometimes surfaces.

This inner work has without a doubt been one of the most incredible emotional experiences that I have ever had. My whole relationship with myself has changed in a way that I can’t even begin to describe but it happened without having to tear myself to pieces, it all happened so naturally and harmoniously.

- Dr. Cristina Spaldacini

Not sure what you might be needing at this point? Unclear which program is right for you? Please complete my Pre-program Questionnaire for a free Discovery Session with me so that we will be able to create the clarity you need for where you are right now within yourself and where you would truly like to be. We will also be able to see if emotionally we can connect at a deeper level in order for us to create the transformation you are longing for.