Program One

Healing the Mistaken Self-Identities
Weekly Phone or Skype Sessions

This six-week (renewable) Introductory package is an introductory starter program dedicated to helping you discover the Mistaken Self-Identities you are most fundamentally functioning from. My aim is to give you an introduction to this very critical area that will lay at the core of how you feel about yourself and therefore your way of being with yourself and with life in all its complexities.

These six sessions will help you understand the underlying process of this work and how deeply you can actually go to get to the core and neutralize the harmful effects that this inner conflict is having on your life.

If you need more extensive work after these six sessions, we will have already created a foundation to continue more deeply into any other area that needs attention and healing.

The main focus of Healing The Mistaken Self-Identities will be on loosening the bonds of these wounded ego identities that are the very foundational patterns that are running your core identity and your emotions. As they loosen you will be able to deepen your commitment and connection to You & Source through love of Self.

The Core Components of this Six Week Introductory Package for Healing The Mistaken Self-Identities includes: six weekly 90 minute in-person, Skype or phone sessions and email support between sessions in order to give you the compassionate support through this process as you are needing.

The cost of this package is 1500.00 Euros

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“From the very first moment of meeting Daniela I knew I was in the right place because it was as if I had found someone who gave herself so completely to her work and with such a great amount of passion. Every time I left my sessions, I would feel as if I had literally been reborn.

- Chiara Parodi, Uscio

Not sure what you might be needing at this point? Unclear which program is right for you? Please complete my Pre-program Questionnaire for a free Discovery Session with me so that we will be able to create the clarity you need for where you are right now within yourself and where you would truly like to be. We will also be able to see if emotionally we can connect at a deeper level in order for us to create the transformation you are longing for.