Pre-program Questionnaire

The following questions set the space for our Discovery Session so that you may receive the most from it and come away with some very clear ideas for yourself. 

This questionnaire also helps to create a space that feels right to you so that you come to the session having considered some of what we’ll be looking at together and feel at peace with the level and depth of our conversation.

Your answers enable me to get a sense of you and your needs, where you are currently and what aims and objectives you are wanting to fulfill. 

I encourage you to take a moment and listen to your heart and then to write what comes for you. 

The more I know about you and what your needs are, the better I will be able to serve you.

I would suggest typing your answers into a document first and then pasting your answers here to avoid any technical issues or errors that could result in losing your information before you complete and submit the questionnaire.

With much gratitude! 


Personal Information

Please note all information submitted is kept strictly confidential.

10. To receive the most through being mentored and within this program, this work requires a strong commitment on 3 different levels: Logistically, Financially and Emotionally

Both the Healing The Mistaken Self-Identities (Parts I & II) and The Flower of Life program are directly related to resolving the issue at hand, your relationship to You – your feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, feeling deserving and the acceptance and love you are willing to bring in towards yourself.

If you are ready to begin this inner journey, I look forward to dedicating myself and assisting you through your sacred process. This would be an honour.