Is This You?

Are you someone who is wanting to heal from the distress of painful childhood experiences that continue to replay themselves in your adult life?  Do any of these situations seem familiar?


You are a middle aged deeply inspired creative person with a humanitarian spirit who wants to create change in the world through your love for beauty and spiritual principles. You know your message is about love, peace and bringing more light out into the world, but your body goes weak at the thought of being criticized, ostracized, and ridiculed. Your deepest wounds are now triggered, and the childhood pain comes flooding back where you collapse and end up neglecting and dismissing the dreams of your true mission.


You have just met a new business partner, and you are excited about a joint venture together that could accelerate your career to higher levels. You are enthusiastic at all the new possibilities that await you when all of a sudden you freak out because what looked like an inspiring and creative strategic union that your dreamed would bring ease, inspiration and freedom may now somehow turn into a nightmare of a power struggle of being manipulated and controlled by your new partner. You panic at the thought of sliding into that feeling of being powerless and losing everything.


You have fallen deeply for someone, and you seem to have met the right one. Yet, you’re up in the middle of the night worrying that this could turn into another disastrous relationship, and you now fear opening your sensitive heart and being vulnerable yet again with another human being.


You are a healer and coach within the healing profession, and you feel competent enough in helping others transform core difficulties and adversities, yet, because you still have unresolved issues of your own, this creates a disconnect of uncertainty about your actual talents and expertise, and you withdraw into guilt and feeling like a fraud.


You are about to exhibit what you feel is labour of love that you have been working on for what seems like ages. And just before you need to present it, the negative inner voice of judgment and self-doubt escalates telling you that it is crap. It’s suddenly worthless in your eyes, and you imagine the probable negative scenarios and criticisms that cause you freeze into not going public with it.

This approach is for YOU, a person with a degree of life experience and if you:

  • are a designer, artist or are in the fashion and beauty industry
  • are in the wellness and healthcare industry
  • are a holistic or medical practitioner
  • are a therapist or counsellor
  • are a spiritual worker and/or are a spiritual healer
  • are wanting to create change in the world through your gifts – whether you are a dancer, corporate executive, in the world of the arts or a dedicated mom

This approach works if you share the following values:

  • You really care about bringing love, beauty, and harmony out in the world in order to uplift humanity.
  • Your desire is to transform the pain and distress of your own childhood and to be a guiding light in the lives of others.
  • You deeply value the connection between the sparkle of life and divine love and who are moved through inspiration to be a messengers of this fusion.
  • You want to bring the transformation of having healed your deepest and darkest years in order to help others who suffer ascend.
  • You are willing to walk the way of self-love and self-compassion and be that model for the healing of our planet.

How I Work

You may be wondering how I am effective at what I do. If so, please have a look at “How I Work.”

How do you get started?

First, download my free report on 5 Key Strategies To Feeling More Worthy & Deserving. There are five critical key points that most people who still carry painful childhood experiences continue to feel trapped in without finding the relief and peace they so need and deserve.

This report will help you uncover and then move you forward from the negative thinking and feeling patterns that might be keeping you stuck within your healing journey. Plus, you will receive additional articles twice per month to assist you on your healing journey.