How I Work

My approach to moving you through the painful childhood loops and destructive patterns works consistently because it focuses on four key elements:


Move out of being controlled by your pain to being in the driver’s seat of your healing

Being in the driver’s seat of your healing means healing the most important relationship, the relationship to yourself – the deeper connection that became severed between how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself, and how you perceive yourself.



The unconscious mind holds energetic frequency’s that have created your negative limiting beliefs and core programming – the central axis from which you have been experiencing your life up until now. Eliminating and restructuring the core negative and limiting beliefs will allow you to shift the core structures of your psyche, your nervous system and your emotions – the whole mind-body system.


Healing Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

The experience you have had early in life within the family dynamic also carries a frequency, a vibration that you have now integrated within your own energy system. This frequency mirrors how you think, perceive and treat yourself – in loving or unloving ways. When you gain a deeper awareness of your family dynamics, you will also gain a deeper awareness of how you see yourself and whether you are willing to now experience yourself through the eyes of love or through the wounded ego self that has developed through years of pain that now chooses to blame and sabotage you. Having this awareness and choice will allow you to take a big step in your healing process.



Learning how to open and receive your core Essence as a sacred part of who you are, is a major step towards Love. Being willing to open to your own sacredness and commune with the Source of Love, the Source of all Existence, is what brings in the truth and creates the safety and spiritual nourishment that is needed to heal those parts of you that still feel the shattering and the wounding.

If you focus on only one or two to the exclusion of the other two, you will find yourself cycling again from therapy to therapy in frustration trying to fix yourself. And, because you have been there, you know how exhausting and disappointing that is.

But, when you bring these four fundamental elements together in synergy, you finally arrive at the internal freedom you have been longing for. Safe from self-sabotaging behaviours opens you to the freedom to experience peace, spaciousness and possibility in all areas of your life.


Meet Daniela

Want to learn more about me? Please read my professional story and my reasons for doing the work I do.

How do you get started?

First, download my free report on 5 Key Strategies To Feeling More Worthy & Deserving. There are five critical key points that most people who still carry painful childhood experiences continue to feel trapped in without finding the relief and peace they so need and deserve.

This report will help you uncover and then move you forward from the negative thinking and feeling patterns that might be keeping you stuck within your healing journey. Plus, you will receive additional articles twice per month to assist you on your healing journey.