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Almost everything comes down to a state of Love

Sometimes people have a really hard time with hearing that just about anything that needs healing comes down to holding that specific thing with your higher awareness that connects to love and being willing to understand the situation.  The Wounded Ego Self rolls its eyes with suspicion and disbelief but your Essence knows the comfort and safety that comes from your ‘willingness’ to open your heart and see things out from under the façade of the false self, the Pain Body.

Underneath it all, when you are finally willing to take a chance and drop down into your heart and open to Love through the acceptance of where you are in your process even with all your lack of understanding and inner judgments, you will find that deep peace and safety you are looking for.

Dropping down and opening your heart so you can access higher wisdom from the heart-brain connection is what really makes everything work for you in a fluid harmonious manner.


This isn’t a perfect and seamless process. It takes constant practice through your willingness to be open enough to reach into another state of conscious awareness through love and understanding.

Of course life happens and so we roll with the flux of change from one moment to the next doing our best to remain open.

But if you aren’t willing to open your heart, you won’t be able to access the love or that higher conscious awareness where the understanding of your situation lies. Once you see things from the perspective of kindness and understanding of what is happening for you and around you, the easier moment to moment existence becomes.

The key here is twofold.  Your intent and your willingness to open and reach inside for that love.

I’ve noticed for myself that when I’m shut down and judgmental with myself and others it is because there is some misguided perception that is taking over my awareness. In this way, nothing can come in. My internal perception is that my mind has become like a narrow tunnel where the walls are solid and there is no expansion. My heart is closed and my Pain Body is feeding me fear so that I stay closed and unaccepting of myself and of the external experience.


Being in an intent to learn about what might be in the way to you being willing to drop into your heart and access pure presence in the moment is a state changer that the Wounded Ego Self isn’t happy about. It wants to convince you that being in a state of love is fluffy and nebulous and will never get you to where you want to go. It will tell you that you actually need to be revved up and stressed so you can keep a roof over your head, keep your children in line and stay in control of your relationships.

The Wounded Ego Self is all about control and really despises surrender to the heart and your higher wisdom. The Wounded Ego Self doesn’t have the ability to give you any choices because it usually goes into reaction because it stays stuck up in your head thinking as opposed to being in your heart. Accessing though, your own higher consciousness through your intent and willingness to open your heart and open to love is what opens you to the many choices that are available to you right here and right now.

Being observant of your feelings and needs by staying connected and present within your body is what helps you in your intention to heal through love in whatever situation you are engaged in.

Stay tuned for part II of how you can engage more from a state of love when you are in a triggering situation with another person.

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