Compassionate heart-based healing that helps with the residues of painful childhood events still weighing on you today.

Heart-Based Healing

You have done a lot of healing, and yet you never feel quite the way you really want to. The deeper feelings of:

  • not being good enough
  • not being deserving

Are keeping you stuck from moving in the direction you really want.

  • And then there is the part of you that just doesn’t feel confident enough to give your highest or your best when it comes to your career and your intimate relationships because commitment and intimacy are scary.
  • Painful feelings from memories and negative self-talk keep popping up and stopping you from being the person you truly desire to be, and you are tired of feeling small and powerless. And, in the middle of all this, your childhood dreams of freedom, peace, and fun lay hidden and buried.
  • You have even spent time and money going to retreats, seminars, and workshops but are still triggered into overwhelm and paralysis when something important comes up for you.

“I met Daniela which seemed like an incredible blessing, thanks to a series of events that literally took me to her door. Before I met her, I had tried to resolve my issues that had me stuck for years. I tried everything from medication to psychoanalysis, but I didn’t get very far. From the very first moment of meeting Daniela I knew I was in the right place because it was as if I had found someone who gave herself so completely to her work and with such a great amount of passion. Every time I left my sessions, I would feel as if I had literally been reborn.

- Chiara Parodi, Uscio

It Doesn’t Have To Stay This Way

Heart-Based Healing
You can move through it and you can experience the confidence, fun and peace that you are longing for – even through challenging circumstances. 
The magic within the transformation happens when you find the gem, your sacred jewel beneath the pain and the darkness of what you experienced – it’s there and it is waiting patiently to be embraced by YOU so you can finally experience and live from the ease and freedom that is rightfully yours, your birthright.

How do you get started?

First, download my free report on 5 Key Strategies To Feeling More Worthy & Deserving. There are five critical key points that most people who still carry painful childhood experiences continue to feel trapped in without finding the relief and peace they so need and deserve.

This report will help you uncover and then move you forward from the negative thinking and feeling patterns that might be keeping you stuck within your healing journey. Plus, you will receive additional articles twice per month to assist you on your healing journey.


Is This You?

And, you may be wondering, can this approach really help you heal the subconscious underlying patterns that keep you stuck whenever you need to be your most confident and caring authentic self? Discover who can really benefit from this approach.